Hand of Fire—nearly here!

Hand of Fire @ amazon

Hand of Fire is now available, or at least order-able, on Amazon! Previewable too. (I can’t wait to get my hands on the book myself!)

Coming in Jan. and Feb. 2012: Reflections on Kirby v. Marvel and the new Simon & Kirby reprints.

6 thoughts on “Hand of Fire—nearly here!

  1. Charles, Looking forward to your new book. Love to read what you write about comics.

  2. Gary Picariello says:

    Just received “Hand of Fire” and devoured it over the course of two days. Outstanding effort! Easy to see that this was a labor of love and certainly the market is crying out for further assessments such as this on the King of Comics. Food for thought on many levels and although I don’t agree with everything you present the book creates an avenue for thoughtful discussion. Kudos to you! This book was much needed and equally much appreciated!

    • charleshatfield says:

      Thank you, Gary! I’m glad the book made such a strong impression, and I greatly appreciate your encouraging words.

      Yours is the first reader review I’ve received on this site. Ironically, I myself have not held the book in my hands yet! (Man, am I impatient…)

      • Gary Picariello says:

        I’ll be writing an awesome review on Yahoo.voices (formerly Associatedcontent.com) and will link to your site. What you produced is much too good to have fall through the cracks over Jack Kirby fandom!

      • charleshatfield says:

        Gary, many thanks! Happy New Year to you and yours.

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