Interview at The Comics Reporter!

Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Reporter has just interviewed me (Charles Hatfield) about Hand of Fire and Kirby! You can find the interview here.

Tom put so much work into this: not only his reading and questioning, which led me to think about some very interesting and important issues, but also the formatting, illustrations, and links. It’s wonderful to be featured on such an excellent newsblog.

The Comics Reporter (Spurge caricature by Sam Henderson)I’m very grateful for the opportunity, and, again, for the thought-provoking questions!

3 thoughts on “Interview at The Comics Reporter!

  1. charleshatfield says:

    Dave Press has posted a very encouraging response to the Comics Reporter interview at his blog, Holy Hangover, Batman!

    Thanks, Dave! I’m glad you found the interview so helpful.

    • I read thru the interview Tom conducted with you. Discovered insights in to Kirby I had not previously contemplated. Still waiting on my copy of your book to read thru and learn even more, I am sure. Have always enjoyed your comics writings all the way back when Comics Journal was still a vibrant force in the comics community before the internet made its paid circ suffer.

      • charleshatfield says:

        Thanks, Bob! Glad you enjoyed it. Your praise counts highly with me!

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