Essential Reading: Growing up Kirby

Jack Kirby at work in The Dungeon, East Williston, Long Island, c. 1949

Jack Kirby’s son Neal (b. 1948) shares a wonderfully vivid, detailed remembrance of his father in the article “Growing Up Kirby: The Marvel Memories of Jack Kirby’s Son,” published yesterday, April 9th, on the Los Angeles Times‘ blog Hero Complex.

Besides being heartwarming and emotionally deep—a true, loving family portrait—this essay is a vital piece of Kirbyana, giving an atmospheric account of Kirby’s working habits in the basement studio in the Kirby family’s Nassau County, Long Island home during the 1950s and ’60s, the period when, essentially, Kirby laid the foundations of the Marvel Universe. Absolutely essential reading, for which I can only say a fervent thanks.

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