Robert Boyd on Kirby’s Influence

Forming, collected edition, by Jesse Moynihan

Over at the blog The Great God Pan Is Dead, my friend Robert Boyd has a fascinating post regarding Jack Kirby’s influence on contemporary art comics, in this case works by Jesse Moynihan, Jesse Jacobs, and William Cardini. Check it out!

Robert and I don’t entirely agree about Kirby—I think you can see that in his post—but I believe he’s absolutely right that these cartoonists, and others, are inspired by Kirby’s mythopoeic, world-building imagination. As I argue in Hand of Fire, Kirby is as important for understanding alternative comics as he is for understanding the so-called mainstream, and I’m glad to see Robert make that case in a very up-to-date and provocative way!

By This You Shall Know Him, by Jesse Jacobs

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