Thinking of Stan Goldberg

Stan Goldberg photographed by Bruce Guthrie, 2012

Stan Goldberg at the 2012 CCI Kirby Tribute Panel. Photo by Bruce Guthrie.

Last Saturday Mark Evanier sadly reported that veteran cartoonist, Millie the Model and Archie artist, and Marvel Comics colorist Stan Goldberg had a stroke last week and is now in hospice care at a hospital in the Bronx. This is indeed sad news.

Stan Goldberg has had a storied career in comics, and, as colorist, has been a largely unsung hero in the history of Marvel and its marquee characters. In fact Goldberg is one of the last remaining veterans of the early 1960s Marvel, that crazy, formative period that laid the groundwork for so much of what has happened in American comics since. He colored a great many comics drawn by Jack Kirby, helping to set the look and feel of the classic Marvel books. As a cartoonist in his own right, he is a charmer, his work full of pep, good humor, and an easy, offhand grace.

I’ve only met Mr. Goldberg once, on the podium for the 2012 Kirby Tribute Panel at Comic-Con (see Bruce Guthrie’s photos here), where his recollections of Marvel in the old days were the highlight. I wish him and his family the best. I know the news is not encouraging (and I confess I’m afraid even to pass on what may already be out-of-date info), but I wanted to register my gratitude for his work here.

Please follow the link to Mark Evanier’s piece to learn more. As of last Saturday, according to Mark, cards and notes for Stan were welcome at:

Stan Goldberg
c/o Calvary Hospital
1740 Eastchester Rd.
Bronx, NY 10461

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