Kirby Day Is Here!

Don’t forget to lend your support to the Kirby4Heroes Campaign! Give back to our veteran comic book creators! And watch artists volunteer their talents for the cause by following #WakeUpAndDraw on Twitter!

Above: a metaphor for what Kirby did for the comic book industry.

PS. Comic Book Apocalype: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby–opening reception tomorrow, Saturday, Aug. 29, 4 to 7pm at Cal State Northridge in Los Angeles. Join a belated birthday celebration for the King and gaze at 107 Kirby originals!

One thought on “Kirby Day Is Here!

  1. Hi Mr. Hatfield,

    Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about kirby4heroes’s annual fundraiser the The Hero Initiative. You are so kind and thoughtful-always. My parents, Connie and Neal, and I wish we could be at your reception tonight. With being at college, regretfully, I will not be able to see your gallery except on line, but, my parent will definitely let you know when they will be able to attend. We wish you every good luck and appreciate all the time, effort and creativity you have put into curating this exhibit and the upcoming CSUN studies!

    With best wishes,

    Jillian, Connie and Neal Kirby

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