Apocalypse Delayed, But Have No Fear!

Unfortunately the exhibition catalog for Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby has once again been delayed in its journey to comic shops everywhere. We expected it to be out today, but apparently there has been a glitch. Fear not! The confirmed new release date is Wednesday, March 2. Please ask your local comic shop retailer about it!

For further details, please see my post of January 26 (below). As a reminder, this baby is co-edited by the brilliant Ben Saunders (Do the Gods Wear Capes?) and myself, co-published by IDW and the CSU Northridge Art Galleries, and thoroughly documents our record-setting Kirby exhibition at CSUN last fall! The book contains a raft of personal and analytical essays by a crazy quilty of writers: a veritable who’s who of cool people from the worlds of comics, fine art, fiction, and academia. 

Can you tell that I’m insanely proud of this? 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Apocalypse Delayed, But Have No Fear!

  1. Mark Mayerson says:

    Am I wrong or has the catalog not yet arrived in shops? It hasn’t been on the Diamond list and isn’t at least until March 16. Any update on the arrival date?

    • charleshatfield says:

      Mark, so sorry for the continued delay of the catalog (I wish I could explain it, but I’m at a loss). March 16 is indeed the official “new” release date (see my post of today, March 8).

    • charleshatfield says:

      Mark, I am happy to report that the CBA catalogs have at last hit local comic shops in North America, as of yesterday, March 16!

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