Kamandi @ UConn!

University of Connecticut

Newsflash! I’ll be speaking about Kirby tomorrow, Monday, April 2nd, at my alma mater, the University of Connecticut—thanks to my friend and colleague Kate Capshaw Smith, her English 6200 seminar, and the UConn Department of English!

Wow. I’m really looking forward to this!

The topic of my talk? Well, besides joining Kate and 6200 for a discussion of Morrison, Quitely, and Grant’s We3, I’ll be presenting (gasp!) an outtake from Hand of Fire—an examination of Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth, my own boyhood favorite and a subject I am absolutely not done with.

My talk will take place at 7:00pm as part of English 6200, in CLAS (Liberal Arts and Sciences), Room 216.

The Last Boy on Earth!

4 thoughts on “Kamandi @ UConn!

  1. charleshatfield says:

    Wow, what a great gig!

    Thank you, Kate, and all the students in English 6200 (a brilliant class), and everyone who attended!

  2. Kate Capshaw Smith says:

    Fantastic lecture! Thank you, Charles!

  3. When you remark so emphatically that you have more to say on Kamandi, might you publish something on the series down the line? I’d be thrilled, as it was also my childhood favorite and my introduction to Kirby. I think the series deserves closer study, given that it ended up by chance as Kirby’s longest sustained statement of the 70s, and fuses so many of his motifs.

    • charleshatfield says:

      Oh, I definitely intend to publish on Kamandi a bit down the line. Maybe soon, maybe sooner, but definitely. I think you’re absolutely right about the series. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement!

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