Nominated for an Eisner!

Will Eisner Comic Industry Award

Knock Me Over with a Feather Dept.:

Startling news times two!  This  year’s judges for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards have established a new category, Best Educational/Academic Work, and Hand of Fire is among the five books nominated in that category! Worthy company indeed:

2012 Eisner Award nominees, Best Educational/Academic Work

The full list of Eisner nominees can be found at the Comic-Con International website, here. I’m sure it will be subject to debate, as is traditional (for example, why not Jaime Hernandez this time around, for goodness’ sake? And, in the Educational/Academic category, why no nod for Marc Singer’s Grant Morrison: Combining the Worlds of Contemporary Comics, Adilifu Nama’s Super Black, Brannon Costello’s Howard Chaykin: Conversations, or Tom Inge’s Will Eisner: Conversations?). But I’m very grateful to the judges for establishing this new, and I believe much needed, category—and it’s exciting to be among the first nominees in it!

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