Review in Image [&] Narrative

Image & Narrative

Wow again. Hand of Fire‘s first academic review!

I’m overjoyed that the leading scholar Jan Baetens (of KU Leuven in Belgium) has reviewed Hand of Fire at the e-journal Image [&] Narrative, and that he has such perceptive and encouraging things to say! A fascinating and affirming response.

Some extracts from his review:

[T]he reading of this book has been, from the very first till the very last line, a wow experience that it is a pleasure (no, a duty) to share with all those interested in the field, a field which  Hatfield’s investigation broadens significantly, beyond the incrowd of comics or even popular culture.

[A] landmark publication…. offers fascinating analyses to all those interested in gaining a better understanding of comics as storytelling… [and] fundamental contributions to all emerging and ongoing discussions on the semiotics of comics (and visual culture in general).

I’m so glad that the book’s larger theoretical potential is being recognized!

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