The Comics Journal Roundtable!

Wow! The Comics Journal has just posted the first chapter of what is to be a three-part roundtable on Kirby and Hand of Fire!

Hand of Fire Roundtable @ TCJ

Assembled by Jeet Heer, this roundtable also includes Sarah Boxer, Robert Fiore, Glen David Gold, Doug Harvey, Jonathan Lethem, and Dan Nadel. That’s a great lineup!

The first chapter deals with Kirby from several different angles, prompted by Jeet’s opening remarks. The later chapters will engage Hand of Fire in particular. Already I’ve found much food for thought here—and of course I’m looking forward anxiously for what comes next!

3 thoughts on “The Comics Journal Roundtable!

  1. Glen David Gold says:

    You’re a good sport.

  2. charleshatfield says:

    Ha! Thanks, Glen.

  3. charleshatfield says:

    So very much to think about and comment on in the Journal‘s roundtable! And here I am grading student work and scrambling around like mad at the end of the school year, with hardly a moment to weigh in!

    Whew. Suffice to say that I look forward to engaging with the roundtable in detail as soon as I can! Plenty of food for thought there (munch, munch). Thanks to Jeet Heer, TCJ, and all the participants!

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