Hand of Fire has won an Eisner Award!!!

The Eisner Award, photographed at the award ceremony by Nick Hatfield

Wow. It turns out that Friday the 13th can be a lucky day. This was my thought last night when Hand of Fire was announced the co-winner in the new Eisner category Best Educational/Academic Work—in a tie with Ivan Brunetti’s splendid Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice (a book I used as a textbook this past semester!).

Taking the podium to accept this award was a surreal and delightful experience, and the kind, encouraging words I’ve received here at Comic-Con (in San Diego) have frankly boosted me through the roof!

Every one of the books nominated in the category is terrific and important. I’m proud to be in their company!

I look forward to getting back to the Kirby Museum booth today for more signing and conversation!

(A complete list of this year’s Eisner winners can be found here.)

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