RIP Stan Goldberg (1932-2014)

Stan Goldberg, Addanaccity, 2012

Stan Goldberg at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, 2012. Photo by Bearman, from George Ford’s

I’m saddened to report that veteran cartoonist and colorist Stan Goldberg has passed away. Mark Evanier has the news, here. As I reported on August 20, Mr. Goldberg suffered a stroke about two weeks back and had entered hospice care.

I met Stan only once, on the dais at the San Diego Comic-Con a couple of years back. He was a charming, affable man with deep, sweet memories of working in the comic book biz. His work is important to the history of comics, and graced many, many comic books, particularly at Archie and Marvel. I am sorry to learn of his passing, and extend my condolences to his loved ones.

RIP, Stan Goldberg, comics artist. If in my mind I see the world in Marvel Comics colors, what I see is because of him.

2 thoughts on “RIP Stan Goldberg (1932-2014)

  1. Always happy to see others supporting The King’s legacy. Back in 2001 when recorded the Requiem with my band Interzone, not nearly as many folks were “in on it.” For Jack’s 101st,
    I posted “Other Skylines” from the Requiem on my Facebook page.

    Love your site. Keep fighting the good fight and do hit me on FB!

    • charleshatfield says:

      Great to hear from you! I love the “Requiem” album—also your Interstellar Space Revisited project with Nels Cline!

      The King’s legacy needs fewer nostalgic evocations of “old times” and more far-out, exploratory weirdness!

      I’ll reach out on FB, thanks!

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