Nine More Days of Apocalypse!

The exhibition I’ve curated, Comic Book Apocalypse: The Graphic World of Jack Kirby, will be up for NINE MORE DAYS at the CSU Northridge Art Galleries—that is, through Saturday, October 10. Readers, I hope you can make it!

This past Saturday, Sept. 26, the Galleries hosted a jam-packed panel discussion of Kirby at CSUN’s Noski Auditorium, followed by a well-attended catalog signing in the Main Gallery itself, amidst all that Kirby art!

(More photos to come!)

On the panel were six Kirby experts, all catalog contributors and/or lenders to the exhibition: Scott Bukatman, Doug Harvey, Adam McGovern, Andrei Molotiu, Steve Roden, and Ben Saunders. I had the pleasure of moderating. Also in attendance were catalog contributors Mark Badger, Glen David Gold, and Diana Schutz.

CBA signing, 26 Sept 2015

Catalog signing, CSUN Main Gallery, 26 Sept. 2015. In the center, Diana Schutz signs, and Adam McGovern makes conversation. At the edges, a bunch of the rest of us are sort of visible.


Again with the catalog signing. You probably can’t quite see from the photo, but, from left, we are CH, Ben Saunders, Mark Badger, Adam McGovern, Diana Schutz, and Andrei Molotiu. (Is Scott Bukatman visible on the end? He should be!)

Many of us joined together to create an impromptu signing line in the Gallery—and so it was that our long-expected exhibition catalog, a beautiful tome co-published by IDW Publishing and the CSUN Art Galleries, finally made its public debut!

CBA final cover


Thanks to everyone who made this event possible, from Gallery Director Jim Sweeters and his hardworking team to IDW’s Scott Dunbier, to all of our contributing writers, panelists, and lenders.

Dream of a lifetime, folks—happily fulfilled at my school, Cal State Northridge!

If you haven’t been able to see Comic Book Apocalypse yet, please pay a visit by October 10!

One thought on “Nine More Days of Apocalypse!

  1. sean says:

    Would love to see the exhibition – judging from your youtube video, its a really impressive overview of Kirby’s work – but alas, living on the other side of the Atlantic doesn’t make it easy.

    So is there at least a convenient way to get a copy of the catalogue? Had a quick look around on line, but it doesn’t seem to be available from IDW or anywhere obvious like that. Maybe when the exhibition is over….?

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